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"If I could give 10 stars I would. Jordan is THE BEST marketer we've worked with!"
"Jordan is a top notch script & sales copy writer with an excellent marketing brain!"
"Exceptional work in funnel copy, ad copy, video scripts and email marketing!"

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Hey frustrated business owner, if you want to make more money while working less, then this is for YOU!

Imagine for a second if you could take last months sales, and add an extra 'zero' to your revenue...

What would THAT do to improve your life? Would you buy a fancy sports car, or shiny gold Rolex?

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100% Free Sales Funnel Audit

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If I could give 10 stars I would. Jordan is the BEST marketer we've worked with!

Kris F.


Jordan is a top notch script & sales copy writer with an excellent marketing brain

Josh R.

Create Studio

Exceptional work in funnel copy, ad copy, video scripts and email marketing

Aal M.

Dark Mattr

Great copywriter who understands marketing funnels


Upwork Client

Jordan did an amazing job with our branding, ad copy and sales funnels

Don W.


Jordan is professional, talented, and fun to work with. Highly recommended!

Yanay S.

Upwork Client

He did an excellent job with my copyrighting. Will use Jordan again in the future and recommend him


Page Asap

Excellent experience, this guy is very professional, and I was always SHOCKED how good the outcome was!

Simon P.

Upwork Client

Jordan helped me launch a new product successfully to market. Couldn't have done it without him

Thomas D.


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Frequently asked questions 🧐

They say there's no such thing as a silly question... Well, let's see

What do you specialize in?

Good question...

And the answer is simple really - I specialize in SELLING.

Whether it's a clever VSL on a well written sales page, a viral paid ad, or an email that beckons you to  scratch an itch you didn't know you had - I can sell ice to a penguin... (As I like to say).

So if you have something to sell, you use words images and a website to sell that thing...

And you wanna sell MORE of that thing - I'm your guy!

Ok cool Jordan... But how do I benefit?

Imagine if you had gotten in on Amazon's 1996 'Series A' investment round...

How filthy rich would you be right now?

Rolling in your 2024 Bugatti, getting DMs from celebrities...

Well this is like that...

Think about it like an investment in your business that will 1000x.

So let me work my magic, and make you a bunch of cold hard cash, so you tell all your friends!

Does that sound fair enough?

Right... What's this gonna cost me then?

My Mother always says - "I don't know Jordan, how long is a piece of string?"

It depends what you need doing, and how fast you want to scale.

But I don't want no one night stand...

Let's build a solid relationship over a few projects, then get into bed together properly, where the deal is - I make YOU more money than you pay me.

If that sounds like your cuppa tea - Then let's get on a call, lay our cards on the table...

And chat!

Well I'm sold... How can we work together now?

Just ping me back where I messaged you!

Or if you wanna see what the next funnel step is...

You see that big periwinkle blue 'Contact me'' button plastered all over the site?

Click that bad boy, pop your details in, and you can book in a call for us to have a chat...

It costs you nothing, and If I'm honest - I love talking about this stuff so much that I'll give you the full marketing plan for FREE!

Even if YOU decide not to work with me.

How are you so incredibly talented and good-looking?

Honestly, it's both a gift and a curse.

When EVERYONE wants your amazing talent and movie star good looks, it can be exhausting.
But you make the best of it, and keep moving forwards ya know... Gotta stay humble.

Taught by the best in the industry